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Shell workers were incentivized with their paycheck to attend a Trump rally, and one expert says it signals the ‘slow death of democracy’

Despite his disdain for supposedly paid protesters, Trump himself has benefited from people being paid to attend his events over the years.
US President Donald Trump gestures to guests at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum at the 148th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits on April 26, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Once again, Trump backed down on gun control after talking to the NRA

Trump told reporters just days after the El Paso and Dayton shootings that he supported heightened background checks for gun owners. Not anymore.
The findings shocked researchers since healthcare providers have long considered fluoride safe for pregnant women.

A controversial study suggests drinking fluoride-filled water during pregnancy is linked to lower childhood IQs

Fluoride is a mineral that's present in most people's water supplies and is touted as a way to prevent tooth decay.

Facebook is finally letting users control the info that other websites are sharing with the social network about them

Facebook collects huge amounts of information about you from other websites and apps. You're finally getting some control over that.

Rep. Steve King wants media to apologize for reporting what he said about rape and incest

King was arguing in favor of an abortion ban with no exceptions for pregnancies that resulted from rape or incest when he made the comment at an Iowa event last week.
Democratic presidential candidates on the debate stage in Miami, Florida.

Here are all the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates who have qualified for the September primary debates

The next round of debates have much more strict criteria for candidates looking to secure a spot on stage. As a result, the field could thin out fast.
Jennifer Aniston stars in "The Morning Show" on Apple TV Plus.

Apple is reportedly prepared to drop billions of dollars on its big push into TV, which is expected to launch in November

Apple's next big move is a subscription TV service, and one report says the company has set aside $6 billion for it.

Photos show why many native Hawaiians don’t want a giant telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea

The world's largest telescope could be built on sacred Hawaiian land, but activists and natives are protesting construction by blocking the roads.
Snow covered mountains rise above the harbor and town of Tasiilaq, Greenland. President Trump has expressed interest in buying the massive island from Denmark.

Trump wants to buy Greenland. Only one-third of Americans would be willing to offer more than $12 for the island.

Sixty-one percent of Americans in an INSIDER poll said they'd pay nothing, and only 29% said they'd pay more than the average cost of a used car.
This artist's concept depicts astronauts and human habitats on Mars.

NASA’s future missions will shoot for an icy moon of Saturn, photograph the Big Bang, and more. Here’s what’s coming in the next 10 ...

NASA intends to return to the moon, continue on to Mars, and look for life near Saturn and Jupiter within 10 years. Its other plans go even further.