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Malaysia’s ‘kindest King ever’ has won the internet after stopping his motorcade to help road accident victims – again

As far as we know, the King has stopped his motorcade to check in on accident victims at least four times this year.

‘I am much indebted to you’: Lee Kuan Yew thanked Malaysia’s current Queen for years of ‘supplying’ sambal belacan

"Can my family have a few more?"Lee Kuan Yew wrote to Malaysia's Queen after she sent some of her delicious sambal belacan.

Sultan Muhammad V is Malaysia’s first king to abdicate the throne – here are highlights from his 2-year reign

He witnessed the swearing in of current Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, and was recently rumoured to have married a former model from Russia.

Here’s everything we know about the Russian model who’s married to Malaysia’s King

She is believed to be a business graduate from the elite Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Malaysia’s King has a ‘constitutional duty’ to accept attorney-general recommended by the prime minister: Bar Council

Malaysia's King has a 'constitutional duty' to accept attorney-general recommended by the prime minister, says Bar Council.