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Don't keep all your money in a regular savings account — it won't grow.

7 stupid things people do with their money that feel smart at the time

If you don't have a credit card because you're scared of debt, you could ruin your chance of owning a home.
The author is not pictured.

A string of bad choices after I got married led to the best financial decision I’ve ever made for my family

Holly Johnson and her husband were about $50,000 in debt — and they were tired of it. Now, they're completely debt-free and on a path to retire early.

9 important money concepts to understand before you’re 30

Master these money concepts and you're well on your way to building wealth.
The debt snowball and debt avalanche are two strategies to get out of debt.

The ‘debt snowball’ and ‘debt avalanche’ might sound gimmicky, but they’re both highly effective strategies to get out o...

If you want to get out of debt, the "debt snowball" or "debt avalanche" strategies could help. The most important thing, though, is to start.
An increasing number of companies big and small offer student loan repayment benefits to employees.

Employees at an $11 billion insurance company can trade their vacation days for cash to help pay off student loans

Unum, a Tennessee-based insurance company, is allowing its US employees to exchange unused vacation days for help with student loan payments.
Download Tally now and start managing your debt in a smarter way.

An app called Tally wants to help you manage your credit card debt and make it easier to save money

If you have a collection of credit cards for the benefits, but are concerned with the burden of managing multiple cards, you're not alone, and Tally can help.
Adeola Omole paid off $70,000 in debt in less than three years.

A woman who paid off $70,000 of debt in 3 years used a simple question to stay on track

You can start paying off debt by answering one question, and it starts with identifying why you decided to go into debt in the first place.
Bankruptcy is crushing retirement dreams.

A growing number of Americans over age 65 are filing for bankruptcy just to get by, and it could signal a larger problem in the US

More older Americans are filing for bankruptcy, reports The New York Times, citing a study from the Consumer Bankruptcy Project. The costs of aging have been off-loaded onto a population with limited resources that hasn't saved enough for retirement.
The average credit card debt in the US is increasing.

The average credit card debt in every state, ranked

Credit card debt is on the rise in the US, with the average American household carrying a credit card debt of $5,700, according to a new report by by ValuePenguin. However, location accounts for differences in credit card debt. See which states have the highest credit card debt.
I don't regret my student loans. (Author not pictured.)

I took out student loans and it was the best decision I made — here’s why

Student loans can leave young people in thousands of dollars worth of debt, with the average borrower graduating with over $37,000 to pay back. Despite the costs, student loans are a worthwhile investment if having that education will lead to a good career and income down the road.