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Ask for a raise — or change jobs.

8 things you can do today to be richer in 2019

Finding cheaper housing can help you save more with little effort, as can setting up automatic savings.
About 7.5 million Californians don't have access to employer-sponsored retirement plans right now.

It’s about to get easier for millions of California workers to save for retirement

CalSavers requires employers in California without a company-sponsored retirement plan to offer employees an individual retirement account, or IRA.
Angela Rozmyn with her husband and son.

A 30-year-old who’s saving half her income says kicking 2 daily habits helped her bank an extra $1,000 a month

Angela Rozmyn and her husband plan to retire by 45. Cutting out work lunches and frequent trips to the market have been key to saving more money.
Ramit Sethi.

I’m convinced a mistaken belief that keeps people from building wealth can be dismantled with 5 minutes of simple math

Ramit Sethi, author of "I Will Teach You to Be Rich," says people get intimidated out of pursuing big goals because they're just too far out of reach.

Millennials are treating themselves to experiences — but it doesn’t mean they’re bad with money

Millennials often "treat" themselves, according to a Fidelity Investments report, but it doesn't mean millennials are bad with money.
Ramit Sethi.

I’ve helped thousands of people start their own businesses, and I’ve found that everyone who makes money has the same thing in common

The most successful startups solve problems, says Ramit Sethi. The skills you already have could help you start your own business.
Orville Rogers has $5 million in his retirement fund because he started saving early.

A 100-year-old retired airline pilot with $5 million in the bank used a timeless tip to build his fortune

Orville Rogers is enjoying 40 years of retirement with a nest egg of $5 million because he started saving early.
If an investment seems too good to be true, it probably is.

6 warning signs an investment is too good to be true

Investing always involves a bit of risk — but it can feel especially risky if you're new to investing. Investment is often based on trust and research, but that doesn't make an investor immune to investment fraud. Here are the red flags you should be watching out for.
$1 million can last retirees 28 years or more in 22 US cities.

22 American cities where $1 million goes the furthest during retirement

It is getting harder to retire with only $1 million saved up. Ten years ago, $1 million had the same buying power of just under $1.2 million. SmartAsset calculated the average cost of living for retirees to see how many years $1 million would last in major cities.
Millennials are managing myriad money woes.

7 of the biggest financial problems millennials face that their parents didn’t

Because they came of age during the Great Recession, millennials are dealing with a number of financial problems: student loan debt, inflating living costs, unexpected expenses, and needing to save more for retirement.