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Bankruptcy is crushing retirement dreams.

A growing number of Americans over age 65 are filing for bankruptcy just to get by, and it could signal a larger problem in the US

More older Americans are filing for bankruptcy, reports The New York Times, citing a study from the Consumer Bankruptcy Project. The costs of aging have been off-loaded onto a population with limited resources that hasn't saved enough for retirement.
When is the right time to retire early?

I asked 3 early retirees how people know they’re ready to stop working, and they all said the same thing

Are you ready to quit work and retire early? We talked to three early retirees, and they all had the same thing to say about the right time to retire early. Hint: it doesn't involve money.
Middle-class citizens can set up trust funds too.

People assume trust-fund babies are spoiled 20-somethings born with silver spoons — but they’re not always who you think

Trust-fund babies are stereotyped as over-privileged, spoiled 20-somethings with no responsibilities and who never have to lift a finger. The allergic-to-work stereotype of people with trust funds is a stereotype, not the norm.
Some couples blame their divorce on student loan debt.

An alarming percentage of divorcees say student loans ended their marriage

Student loan debt is climbing into marriages — and not in a good way. More than 10% of divorced borrowers blame their divorce on student loan debt, according a new report by Student Loan Hero. It's just another factor in a host of financial problems millennials are facing.
The national average wedding cost is more than $30,000.

Here’s how much money 7 real couples spent on their wedding

The average cost of a wedding in America is $33,391, according to The Knot, and more than half of couples go into debt to pay for their wedding. We talked to seven former brides about their wedding budget, and how much they actually spent will surprise you.
How much money you need to save for early retirement depends on a couple factors.

How much money you need to retire early depends almost entirely on 2 factors

Saving for early retirement is one thing, but will those savings actually last an early retiree throughout the course of his or her lifetime? After all, $1 million is no longer what it used to be. Here's what you need to consider when figuring how much you need to save for early retirement.
The Lauder family is worth more than $24 billion.

The 25 richest American families, ranked

The US may not have any rich royals, but it does have rich families with billion-dollar net worths. The richest American families accumulated their fortunes in vastly different ways, from publishing and cosmetics to retailers and hotels. See the top 25 richest families in the US.
Really, yachts are just floating money.

I spent 3 years writing about yachts, and owning one takes way more money than you think

Yachts cost a lot more than the price its owner bought it for. There are additional expenses like yacht crew, dockage, fuel, and maintenance that easily add millions of dollars to the cost annually. See how much owning a superyacht really costs.

A self-made millionaire who retired at 33 says it took him months to adjust — here’s how he schedules his days to enjoy retirement

Justin McCurry retired at age 33 as a millionaire, but he didn't realize it would take him a while to relax and slow down during early retirement. Here's what a day in his life looks like, complete with socializing, physical activity, and "a small dose of work."
The median listing price in 23 of the zip codes is over $1 million.

How much you need to earn to live in the most expensive zip code in every state

Beverly Hills, California — the 90210 zip code — has some competition. GoBankingRates found the most expensive zip code in every state and how much money you need to make to live comfortably there. See the income it takes to live in each state's most expensive area.