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Makeup YouTuber NikkieTutorials admitted to being "the most anxious" she's every been after posting the video.

NikkieTutorials shared emotional interactions she’s had with everyone from politicians to neighbors since coming out as trans

The YouTuber admitted to being "the most anxious" she's ever been until seeing the positive response to her coming out video.
YouTube star Nikkie de Jager urged fans to stop looking for her blackmailer in a January 28 video.

NikkieTutorials says she could ‘destroy the life’ of her blackmailer and knows where he lives, but told fans to stop looking for him in he...

The 25-year-old beauty guru said she wouldn't share his name over fears she would be just as bad as the blackmailer who forced her out of the closet.
Nikkie de Jager is more commonly known as NikkieTutorials online.

NikkieTutorials posts first video since coming out, doing her eye shadow in the colors of the trans pride flag

The YouTuber discusses everything from her appearance on "The Ellen Show" to those who tried to blackmail her.

Here’s an early look at Google’s emotionally charged Super Bowl ad

Google's Super Bowl ad for 2020 is sort of an ad for Google Assistant, but more of a short story about an elderly man. Maybe grab a tissue.
Mr. Kate (left) and Jeffree Star (right) discuss plans to renovate a spa in the latter YouTuber's home.

Jeffree Star is planning a major renovation of the spa inside his $14.6 million mansion with the help of YouTube duo Mr. Kate

Renovation plans for Jeffree Star's spa include a waterfall, giant Pomeranian statue, and crystal chandeliers.
Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

A years-old video of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan is going viral in the wake of Bryant’s tragic death

A video from 2014 comparing the basketball legends Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant resurfaced among fans after the tragic death of Bryant on Sunday.
YouTuber and comedian Lilly Singh brought a clutch full of Skittles to the 2020 Grammys.

YouTuber Lilly Singh snuck Skittles into the Grammys in her purse and made it a part of her look

Singh shared the Skittles with reporters and photographers as she walked the red carpet at the 2020 Grammys.
A table full of different Tana Mongeau personalities debated the name of her perfume in the commercial.

Tana Mongeau debated with her different personalities in a comedy sketch for the commercial of her new perfume ‘Tana by Tana’

Tana Mongeau teased fans with the product name 'Tana by Tana' for days before releasing a perfume commercial.
Justin Bieber showing off a Drew House shirt on February 26, 2019.

Justin Bieber cried and opened up about his depression at a listening party for his new record, saying ‘I don’t think I should even be ali...

In addition to opening up about his past struggles, Bieber thanked his manager, Scooter Braun, his wife, Hailey, and God.

With a new LA office and a forthcoming creator studio, TikTok is poised to take on Instagram and YouTube

The China-based company now has more than 400 US employees and is reportedly looking for a US CEO, signaling plans to grow in North America.