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Ashley Quiroz is an influencer with more than 324,000 subscribers on YouTube.

An influencer’s side-by-side makeup look shows how much beauty trends have changed since 2016

Ashley Quiroz created the split makeup look, and posted an entire video about the process on YouTube.
Shane Dawson stands in front of one of his beauty cabinets.

Shane Dawson showed off his giant makeup collection, which includes a stockpile of his Jeffree Star Cosmetics collaboration

Also in his new video, Shane Dawson jokingly hid makeup palettes created by other influencers, as they could be "competition" to his products.
Jeffree Star has used asthma inhalers in numerous YouTube videos.

Jeffree Star posed with an asthma inhaler in his latest makeup campaign, and now people want him to sell one

Jeffree Star has previously spoken about his asthma and often uses an inhaler in his YouTube videos.
Jeffree Star's latest makeup collection is called Blood Lust.

Jeffree Star says he designed the packaging of his new eye shadow to prevent shipping damage after frequent complaints about the Conspiracy palette

Jeffree Star's new eye-shadow palette, called Blood Lust, launches online and in stores on February 21.
The latest Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection is called Blood Lust.

Here’s everything featured in Jeffree Star’s ‘Blood Lust’ makeup line

Jeffree Star's latest makeup collection includes eye shadow, lip gloss, highlighter, apparel, and more.
Jaclyn Hill is launching her second Morphe collaboration in February.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jaclyn Hill’s new Morphe eye-shadow palette

Jaclyn Hill's new eye-shadow palette was leaked online last week, but launches officially on February 13.
James Charles is a beauty influencer with more than 16 million YouTube subscribers.

James Charles says he plans to create makeup that ‘the beauty market hasn’t seen yet’

By launching his own makeup brand, James Charles will join the likes of YouTubers including Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook.
Footage shared on social media shows WestJet passengers criticising James Potok as he his led off the plane after his coronavirus joke.

An Instagrammer tried to make a viral video by joking he might have coronavirus on a plane. Instead he forced an emergency landing and got arrested.

James Potok was arrested and charged after he announced to the plane's passengers that he had been near Wuhan and was 'not feeling too well.'
Tati Westbrook launched her namesake beauty brand in October 2019.

Tati Westbrook says she ‘hasn’t made a dime’ from her beauty brand that’s earned $15 million

The beauty YouTuber also addressed reports of broken blenders, saying that out of 100,000 Blendiful puffs sold, "less than 1%" were damaged.
Eilish became the youngest ever winner of Album of the Year.

Billie Eilish dragged a YouTuber who dressed up like her in public, saying: ‘You make me look bad’

The YouTuber Jordan Matter, who created a video showing someone posing as Eilish, said she "had absolutely no intention of disrespecting Billie."