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Jeffree Star is the beauty mogul behind Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

YouTube influencer Jeffree Star says his stolen makeup was being sold at Burlington stores after burglars ransacked $2.5 million worth of beauty produ...

Burlington Coat Factory says it has stopped selling unreleased Jeffree Star Cosmetics after fans shared photos of the items in a store.
In his latest video, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg said his net worth is "definitely more than" $20 million.

PewDiePie’s YouTube throne overtaken once again by Indian music channel T-Series as the two channels race toward 100 million subscribers each

Indian music channel T-Series took PewDiePie's top YouTube subscriber spot once again early Saturday.

Japanese YouTuber Yuka Kinoshita eats 14,000 calories worth of food at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands – in one sitting

She ate at least S$436 worth of food and drinks from restaurants at Marina Bay Sands – including Foie Gras "Kaya Toast".
Even Kate Hudson has gotten in on the ASMR trend. Here, she plays with sequined clothing in an ASMR series for W Magazine.

There’s a massive internet community that’s obsessed with videos of ‘brain-tingling’ sounds, and the people who make them earn...

Unlike most of YouTube, ASMR is about listening, not watching. People have created hours of videos where they mix slime, conduct fake eye exams, and scratch on books, among other things, all to create tingles in the listeners' brains and spines. And plenty of people do this to pay the bills.