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AT&T is making big moves to dominate the future of TV, but it’s been slowed by setbacks

AT&T is trying to imagine a future when your smartphone is the center of the entertainment universe, and taking active steps to get there.

The FCC thinks AT&T’s policies ‘harm consumers’ — and it’s warning Verizon, too

In two separate letters issued on Thursday, the FCC raised new concerns that AT&T and Verizon's zero-rating policies are dangerous to the open internet.

AT&T is playing favorites on the internet with its own TV service, which could hurt competition

DirecTV Now is a tremendous deal for AT&T subscribers, and that's a problem to net neutrality advocates.

AT&T will lower the quality of most video on its network by default next year

AT&T has announced a new feature that could help you save data — or make watching videos on your smartphone more annoying.

It looks like we’re going to have a less open internet under Donald Trump

If Donald Trump's past remarks and reported advisers are any indication, big carriers and ISPs may soon be free to give certain services preferential treatment.

AT&T is cooking up a recipe for a major advantage over its rivals

AT&T likely won't count Time Warner content against your data cap, which could give it an unfair advantage over competitors.