Take a look at “Food Fantasy” – the newest Japanese mobile game that blends food and action together in one game

“Food Fantasy” is one of the most intriguing mix of video game genres.
Google Play Store/Food Fantasy

Do you feel the need to play a typical Japanese role-playing game (RPG) like “Final Fantasy” but at the same time satisfy your cravings for a restaurant simulator in the same vein as “Restaurant Empire”?

Well have no fear, for video game developers Elex have got your back with its newest project: “Food Fantasy”.

The curious mix of the genres, which are usually individual games on its own, represents a unique turn for the developer of titles such as “Zombie Siege” and “Candy Story” as they attempt to successfully make a game for everybody.

The mobile phone game is basically a restaurant simulator where you have to hire staff, create food and serve customers for the purpose of creating a “star-class restaurant”.

You manage and try to improve your restaurant in “Food Fantasy”.

At the same time, it is also a turn-based RPG where you pit your heroes against your enemies, the “Fallen Angels”.

The heroes and villains you can use are also food-themed, with the villains having names such as Binge and Gluttony.

The heroes, dubbed the “Food Souls” are named after a whole assortment of food, with characters like “Steak”, “Milk”, “Tiramisu”, “Boston Lobster” and “Red Wine” all at your disposal.

One of the playable characters in the RPG aspect of the game, “Steak”.

Combining certain heroes like Steak and Red Wine will form a “Food Combo”, which will help you win these battles.

Use the assortment of different heroes to defeat your enemies.

“Food Fantasy” launches on July 20, and is a free-to-play game available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. It is currently available for pre-registraion, with a paid version of the game also expected to be released.