The ‘Shazam for nature’ app helps identify plants and animals in your photos with image recognition technology

The app gathers information on flora and fauna, shows you what’s around you, and challenges you to explore with badges.
App Store/Seek by iNaturalist

An app that encourages you to explore nature sounds almost paradoxical, but Seek and you shall find, quite literally.

An online social network for nature enthusists called iNaturalist released the app on March 12 and it has since been dubbed the visual version of Shazam, an app that allows you to identify music through audio recordings.

Seek identifies flora and fauna through image recognition technology, and provides users with information from Wikipedia about the photographed wildlife.

The app was made to be kid-friendly, so badges are awarded to users for every new species they photograph during their outdoor adventures, making the app more interactive and appealing to the younger ones.

The app also motivates users to be more actively engaged in nature by providing them with a list of species they can expect to see near them (location services have to be turned on), from birds and plants to amphibians and animals.

According to Earther, the app can now recognise 30,000 species, but that number is expected to grow along with the iNaturalist database.

Photos are analyzed and matched using artificial intelligence to find a match to existing wildlife observations in the iNaturalist community, so it might work better in areas with active iNaturalist communities than in those without.

Seek is currently available on iOS devices, but an Android version is in the works.