The Batu Caves stairway has a new look – and some people are loving it while others remain hesitant about the change

The Batu Caves have a new look.

Popular tourist destination Batu Caves is sure to be attracting more and more visitors, as well as location tags on Instagram, after the stairway leading into the caves were redesigned.

Already a popular hotspot with many people wanting to take a look at the 42.7 metre golden statue of Hindu god Lord Murugan, the second tallest statue of a Hindu deity in the world, the revamp of the stairway leading to the Temple Cave is set to only attract more.

The Caves, located in Selangor, allegedly attract up to two million Hindu devotees and tourists during the annual Thaipusam celebrations, the New Straits Times reported.

All 272 steps that make up the staircase of the sacred Hindu landmark for Hindu devotees have been repainted to a myriad of colours, making it quite the view.

This was what the stairs looked like before it was repainted:

And this is what it looks like now, with the different hues making it magnificent to look at:

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As one can see from the photos, there are a considerable amount of visitors, and those on social media have approved of the new look as they share their pictures online:

я не был везде,но это в моем списке🐌

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However, some social media users are unhappy with the redesign, pointing out that the change was turning Batu Caves into a destination meant solely to attract tourists instead of remaining a cultural site: