The Deaf Sports Association of Singapore has a plan to include more people in the NDP celebrations

The Deaf Sports Association of Singapore have come up with a way to include more people in the upcoming NDP festivities.
Facebook/Deaf Sports Association Singapore

The celebration of Singapore’s 53rd birthday is fast approaching, and the National Day Parade (NDP) has always been the highlight of celebrations here in Singapore.

From the yearly new NDP songs that pay homage to our country to the recurring stunts and performances that continue to thrill audiences, the NDP has it all.

But the most integral part of the parade is also one of the simplest which everyone can partake in whether you are at the floating platform or at home. We’re talking about  singing the national anthem.

Throughout the course of the parade, Majulah Singapura is played twice and the Deaf Sports Association of Singapore have come up with a way to involve more types of people in the singing of it.

It posted a video earlier this week teaching viewers how to “sing” the national anthem using Singaporean sign language (SgSL).

There are many different variations of sign language, and SgSL is the sign language unique to Singapore. It is developed from Shanghainese Sign Language, American Sign Language, Signing Exact English and other locally-developed signs.

According to the Deaf Sports Association, the version will also be used as “a guide for our sportspersons to sign during international sports events”.

The video breaks down each specific movement for every section of the anthem, and if you would like to learn it for yourself, you can watch the video here: