‘The Harapan Tracker’ is an website dedicated to tracking Pakatan Harapan and the promises they made during the election

“The Harapan Tracker” is a website dedicated to monitoring the promises made by Pakatan Harapan.
Facebook/The Harapan Tracker

Promises are great during election campaigns as they’re used to sway voters and convince supporters. Unfortunately, there have been cases in history where politicians go back on their words once the people have cast their votes.

It has been little more than a month since Pakatan Harapan (PH) was voted to power in the Malaysian General Election, and a team of four youths have come together to ensure that new government stays true to its numerous promises.

How are they doing this?

The group of youths – Dennis Kam, Ng Boon Ming, Stephanie Kee and Tina Carmillia – have set up a website called the “The Harapan Tracker”, with the purpose of monitoring the government and keeping it in check. It is influenced by sites like “TrumpTracker”.

A look at how the website works.
Harapan Tracker

At the time of writing (32 days in), out of the 306 changes that PH promised, 248 have not been started, 55 are in progress, and two have been broken.

These promises are all taken from the PH’s electoral manifesto, the “Hope Book” or “Buku Harapan”, and are closely tracked and updated by the team.

The team posts on their Facebook page when a promise is broken or completed, with the details of the promise and when the promise was made also included in the post.

The tracker was set up to “track (the) government’s performances and hold them accountable to their promises, towards a better Malaysia”, according to the website.