The ‘Minecraft’ movie is experiencing huge developmental issues

The Minecraft movie has a few more obstacles left in its way before it hits the big screen.

The movie about the globally popular video game “Minecraft” – a game in which you use blocks to create things (yes, it really is that simple) – has a huge stumbling block of its own to get pass.

The project was supposed to be written and directed by Rob McElhenney of “It’s Always Sunny in Philidalpheia” fame but last Friday (August 3), The Wrap reported that he will no longer be working on it.

It was slated for a release in May 2019, but because of the change, it has been further pushed back.

The writer/director duo of Aaron and Adam Nee have been chosen by studio Warner Bros. to write a new script.

The movie itself has been in developmental hell since 2014 when it was first announced, failing to cement a solid team to actually make the movie.

Despite being released all the way back in 2009, “Minecraft” the game remains insanely popular with 74 million players a month. Tons of merchandise continue to be sold everywhere and there is even a dedicated convention just for fans.