The 3 plays in sports everybody will be talking about today

Good morning! Here are the plays everybody will be talking about Monday.

Laces out! Was it the subzero temperatures? Was it the laces not facing out? Was it the pressure? Was it a huge gust of wind? It was most likely some combination of all four. But at the end of the day, Blair Walsh missed a chip shot, a 27-yard potential winning field goal, in the final minute. In the end, it was the Seattle Seahawks who triumphed, 10-9, and who are one step closer to a third straight Super Bowl.

Just Russell Wilson doing Russell Wilson things. Before the missed field goal, the Seahawks trailed 9-0 in the fourth quarter in a game that looked one-sided. But then Russell Wilson started doing Russell Wilson things. Specifically, on a play in which the snap sailed by him and five Vikings defenders were closing in, Wilson scrambled just long enough to complete a long pass that set up the Seahawks’ first touchdown and helped start the comeback.

500 for Ovi! At 30 years old, Alex Ovechkin became the fourth-youngest player to reach 500 goals, and he did it during an era in which scoring goals is not a birthright.