The rush to book Avengers: Endgame tickets has crashed cinema sites in Singapore – and there are now over 62,000 in queue on Shaw’s website

"Avengers: Endgame" tickets are on sale.


Can’t wait to catch Avengers: Endgame? Get in line, because there are more than 62,000 people who are planning to buy tickets to watch the much-awaited movie.

Since pre-order tickets were released on Wednesday morning (April 10), at least two cinema websites have crashed due to unusually high traffic volume, Geek Culture reported.

When Business Insider checked at 2:19pm, the Golden Village booking system appeared to be working normally but an error was still showing for the Cathay Cineplexes site.

Screengrab from the Cathay Cineplexes site.
Business Insider

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Meanwhile, an online queue system created by Shaw Theatres had 62,647 people waiting for the chance to buy their Avengers tickets. According to the site, the waiting time was more than an hour at the time of writing.

The queue on Apr 10 had reached over 62,000 people on Shaw’s website by 2:19pm.
Screengrab from Shaw Theatres

But that’s not even the craziest part.

Tickets re-sold at up to S$600 a pair

A seller on e-marketplace platform Carousell is cashing in on the situation, by putting up 40 pairs of tickets for the movie at prices up to S$600 (US$443).

The seller wrote in a description on the listing: “My friends couldnt make it so I’m selling all below.

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His listed prices were S$120/pair for ordinary weekend tickets, S$300/pair for Gold Class tickets on weekdays and S$600/pair for Gold Class weekend tickets.

If you think anyone would be out of their mind to spend that much on a movie, the seller later updated his listing to say that he only had three pairs of regular tickets left for sale.

According to the update, more than half of the tickets were bought up by an Australian expatriate.

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There’s a lot of expectation surrounding the new Marvel movie, so let’s just hope the investment will be worth it.

Screengrab from Carousell

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