The world’s hardest finance exam will introduce blockchain into its test paper starting next year

CFA 2019 candidates will study fintech as a full-fledged topic for the exams. It was previously scattered across other topics.

Candidates taking the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam in 2019 better know Bitcoin inside out, as fintech is set to become a full-fledged topic of its own, with questions on cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and blockchain added to the paper. The new content will be available sometime this month.

Dubbed “the most brutal test in finance”, the CFA exam has majority Asian candidates, particularly from countries like South Korea and Japan – which are enthusiastic adopters of digital assets and boast two of the world’s largest crypto exchanges.

A spokesperson for the CFA Institute told Bloomberg last month that it saw cryptocurrencies as more than a “passing fad” and want future finance professionals to understand how it works as a blend of finance and computer science.

Fintech will also be included in the CFA topic of Ethics. Experts predict that the content will likely cover how virtual currency’s digital medium have resulted in fraud, theft, and money laundering.