These photos and videos show how chaotic Kuala Lumpur was after flash floods left cars submerged and people stranded

The flood forced this driver to climb onto the roof of his submerged car.
Twitter / bernamadotcom

Flash floods in Malaysia’s capital city brought roads to a standstill over the weekend.

On Sunday (Nov 11), people in Kuala Lumpur battled flash floods in areas such as the Jalan Tun Razak tunnel and Jalan Loke Yew, reported Bernama.

According to a Bernama report carried by The Star, the floods, which followed almost two hours of heavy downpour, trapped five drivers in the tunnel. They were left with no choice but to scramble onto the roofs of their cars while awaiting rescue.

A photo of a man sitting on the roof of his submerged Honda Civic was one of many making the rounds on social media on Sunday night.

According to Bernama, the driver, identified only as Teh, said he immediately climbed out of his car’s window after he saw water suddenly gushing into the tunnel. Within minutes, the car became submerged.

The 26-year-old said: “I did not expect the trapped pool of water to be so dangerous as there was a lorry in front of me…suddenly water started seeping into my car so I quickly wound down my window and crawled out to safety.”

“I was later saved by rescuers who arrived at the location,” he reportedly told Bernama.

In a statement on Nov 11, the Fire and Rescue Department said that it received a distress call at 5.56pm on Sunday. Seven personnel from the Jalan Tun Razak station rushed to the location.

“It took us about 10mins to rescue the victims. No one was hurt,” the statement said.

On social media, photos and videos of the floods showed that the problem was not restricted to tunnels.

Facebook users Nina Sallehudin Hevern and Chris Ng posted these videos:

Another Facebook user, Emraan Saeed, uploaded a video of water gushing over his feet as he waded through the floods.

The Wadda Gurdwara Kampung Pandan temple was almost completely submerged in water, reported Bernama.

Facebook user Sid Sukhdev shared photos and videos of the flood-hit area.

Citing Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s enforcement department director, Azman Mahmood Jalan Pudu Ulu, other areas – Jalan Pudu Perdana, Jalan Cheras and Jalan Kepong – were also affected by flash floods, Bernama reported.

Facebook user Reimund Chong shared this photo of fallen trees obstructing a road.

Facebook / Reimund Chong

In its report, The Star said that the flash floods could have been partly caused by construction projects.

Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad was quoted as saying that the current drainage system should have been able to handle the downpour on Nov 11.

“What we need is to monitor construction sites more, and we may even think of punitive measures to be taken against such contractors if their work affects or clogs the drainage system,” he was quoted by The Star as saying.

He added that the Government will “take action to ensure all the drainage that is clogged will be taken care of to ensure this doesn’t happen”.