This fan artist takes Star Wars and Pokemon pop culture icons and turns them into stunning old-school paintings

Pokemon starters and Yoda portrayed in a different light.

A Mexican-based artist who goes by the name of Monarobot has been taking famous monster characters and creatures and transforming them by putting his own unique twist.

The account, which has steadily gained more admirers as people continue to discover its work, focuses on a style of art that takes inspiration from the ancient Mayan and Aztec paintings found in the historical region of Mesoamerica.

It has allowed these icons to have a completely new look to them.

Monarobot has released images of icons from Pokemon, Alien, Godzilla, Star Wars, and How to Train Your Dragon, all of them beautiful in their own ways:


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Some users have been so enchanted by the works that they’ve tattooed the designs on their bodies:

You can support the artist via a Patreon page or buy art here.