This next-generation turntable works like a CD player – you can skip tracks and program your own playlist

Singapore-based record store Vinylicious is developing its own 21st century turntable.

Vinylicious Music was one of the first record stores in Singapore to ride the current vinyl revival wave when it set up shop in 2013.

Five years in, it is now developing its own LP player named Zephyr Apollo as a Kickstarter project.

The concept is a unique one and the next-generation turntable functions like a CD player with the ability to skip and program tracks.

Its design is based on feedback from the store’s customers who said they love listening to music on vinyl but find it inconvenient to manually start, stop and change songs.

Hence, over the past 18 months, Vinylicious embarked on a journey to develop the product which will have all the benefits of digital technology without compromising on analogue audio quality.

The Zephyr Apollo features a linear tracking system with a proprietary tangential tonearm design:

Conventional turntables typically use a radial tonearm design:

It has three modes of play: Automatic, Choose-your-own playlist, and Manual. All three options can be selected from a touchscreen display:

It also has an optical sensor that determines the number of tracks and allows you to choose the order of play.

There are also plans in place to design a Bluetooth system so you can play your vinyl through your smartphone:

Here’s a video of what the final product would look like and how it functions: