Thousands have signed a petition to stop one medical student from becoming a doctor in Malaysia, after ‘sexist’ comment on actress Emily Kong’s death

An International Medical University student left a controversial comment following the death of actress and singer Emily Kong.
Instagram / Emily Kong, Twitter screenshot / @CibaiLokter

A student from the International Medical University in Malaysia has come under fire after he allegedly made a “sexist” comment in response to news of the death of Malaysian actress and singer Emily Kong.

The 29-year-old was killed after her car crashed into a tree on Saturday (March 9), reported The Star, prompting an outpouring of grief from fans. Many have taken to social media to express their condolences.

Facebook user Kiren Raj left a comment on The Star’s Facebook post, offering his condolences but also sharing his view on how Kong could have avoided the tragedy.

His post read: “I hope all the girls learn a good lesson now… Never leave the pub without a guy… Man and woman work together… We offer you a safe drive home and you give us makeout or sex… I mean girls like sex too right…

“This is what happens when women think they can do everything on their own and be independent… Every woman need men…”

Screenshots of his comment, which has since been deleted, have got netizens riled up, with many calling him “sexist”, “disgusting”, a “disgrace”, and a “predator”.

Facebook / Darryl Quah

Facebook / Darryl Quah

In response to these critical comments, the IMU student wrote in the comments section of The Star’s Facebook post that he stood his ground, and added: “Women are bad drivers full stop. They need men to drive them or accompany them when they drive…”

IMU’s vice-chancellor Professor Peter Pook later responded in the comments section of a Facebook post by user Darryl Quah, which contains a screenshot of the first comment left by IMU student.

The professor said in his comment that he has written to the student in question, urging him to delete his comment and apologise.

Facebook / Darryl Quah

Meanwhile, a petition titled “Stop Kiren Raj” was set up on Sunday by user Evan Han Sen.

The petition description read: “Kiren Raj has proven again and again that he is a threat to our society. We cannot sit back and allow for Kiren Raj to graduate and become a doctor. Allowing him to bare a white coat is liken to giving a wolf a sheep’s skin.

“It is our responsibility as a society to do the right thing. We petition that Kiren Raj be prevented from becoming a doctor. There is a significant risk for abuse. We reject the notion of allowing him to obtain a degree that gives him ground to see a patient or prescribe medication.”

The petition has garnered close to 22,000 signatures at the time of writing, just one day after it was first started.

IMU posted a statement on Facebook saying that the university does not “condone such a behaviour” and that it will “attend to this matter internally”.

The university added that it will not be making any more statements on the matter.

According to Says, the IMU student posted an apology on Sunday night to “women in general and whomever else who feels offended for whatever reason“.

His post reportedly read: “To clarify, anybody who has or is in an open relationship would understand that this is a normal happening. We go out at night with a special person for drinking and we drop them home safely. We send them home. We protect them.

“And if they invite us to their place we go and be with them. We kiss, we bond and we have sex. Our role is to protect them. In return, they give us a good surprise.

“I forgive those who made this viral despite me removing the comments. I forgive all the hate shown towards me or my acquaintance. I forgive all the vulgar messages I received. And because I forgive, I have not been affected by this at all,” he said.

He ended off the note by saying: “Your hatred has not got to me. I also forgive those instigating by misrepresenting the comments to get more likes. This is a social media disease.

“Let me be the bigger man here and not stoop to profanity or low level of language,” he wrote.

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