Tony Hawk and Yuna show support for a Malaysian skateboarder who came in last at the 2018 Asian Games

Skateboarder Fatin Syahirah Roszizi didn’t have the best performance at the 2018 Asian Games.

After a clip of her performance at the 2018 Asian Games went viral, skateboarder Fatin Syahirah Roszizi has not had the best of times.

Competing as one of the Malaysian skateboarders at the 2018 Asian Games alongside Yaziru Amiru Dasyir Zainordin, Ian Nuriman Amri and Christina Lai Grace, the 16-year-old Fatin unfortunately finished last in the women’s street event last Wednesday (29 August).

During the event, it was clear to see that Fatin was not at her best, and soon enough social media users took to the web to criticise her performance:

Fatin even posted an apology on her Instagram account through an Instagram Story:

Fatin’s apology.

Shortly after, she wiped out all her posts on the social media platform.

Though she had many critics, Fatin also had a lot more supporters, keen to encourage her in her time of need.

Among those numerous supporters were Sports Minister Syed Saddiq and Malaysian singer Yuna, who came to Fatin’s defence:

But of all her supporters, the most prominent one is arguably someone who is the greatest skateboarder of all time.

Tony Hawk, one of the pioneers of modern skateboarding, commented on one of Fatin’s Instagram posts, saying:

“Don’t give up! If I had listened to the haters throughout my life, I would have stopped skating way too soon. They are simply projecting their insecurities on you because they wish they had the courage to follow their dreams.”

Hawk’s comment on her photo.

The nice message was one of several thousand, as Fatin eventually returned to Instagram to thanks everyone for their support in a post which has gotten almost 20,000 likes at the time of writing: