Trouble may be brewing in Mount Agung, but social media users are out to get photos with the active volcano

Bali’s Mount Agung may have shown a decline in volcanic activity in recent days, but the worst may not be over for those living in nearby areas.

While some are trying to leave the resort island, it looks like others have chanced upon the opportunity to get that perfect “Insta-worthy” shot with a volcano that could blow its top at any time.

After all, it’s not every day that one gets to get up-close-and-personal with an active volcano that’s spouting ash, lava and sulphur which could potentially obliterate everything in its path, right?

Imagine the bragging rights afterwards – which probably outweighs any concern to life and limb to this lot.

Here are some that we found on Instagram and Twitter:

Instagram post by @LIONELRICHIESTYLE

Some chose to post inspirational captions along with their pictures:

Instagram post by Jack Morris

While other groups just used it as a means of promoting their own profiles:

Instagram post by @WORLDRUNNERS

Instagram post by Valentina Dubovskaya

But it wasn’t just tourists and international groups that were capitalising on the situation.

Even an account which claims to be that of Bali’s official tourism Twitter profile re-posted many of these photos in a bid to convince tourists that the eruption really wasn’t all that scary. Oh really?

Twitter post by Bali Tourism Host


Twitter post by Bali Tourism Host


The Volcanology and Geological Hazards Mitigation Centre (PVMBG) warned villagers to remain vigilant as potential eruptions may still occur, reported The Jakarta Post on Dec 4.

To date, the eruption of Mount Agung has already sent tens of thousands of people packing and forced the closure of Bali’s Denpasar Airport last week.