Here are the hilariously awkward photos from Trump’s visit with Pope Francis at the Vatican

Pope Francis did not smile during President Donald Trump’s first minutes in the Vatican.

On Wednesday, Trump stopped by the seat of the Catholic Church as part of his first foreign trip, which also included visits to Saudi Arabia, Belgium, and Israel.

Throughout most of the meeting, Pope Francis maintained a serious face – and thus provoked a barrage of Twitter jokes about Trump’s first encounter with a Pope who has frequently criticized some of his policies.

The mood eventually lightened after the two exchanged gifts.

Here are some of the most memorable photos from the visit:

On Wednesday, Pope Francis welcomed Trump and his family to the Vatican.

In the early morning, Trump’s motorcade arrived at the doors of the Vatican. Pope Francis welcomed the president inside, and the two shook hands.

Source: The New York Times

Then Trump and Pope Francis went into a private study. Reporters there said Pope Francis did not smile when Trump said that meeting him was “a great honor.”

Source: Pool report

The somber mood of the meeting was quickly picked up by Twitter commenters, who joked about Pope Francis’ serious look.

The pope has frequently criticized Trump’s tough approach to immigration, at one point saying those who try to build walls are “not Christian.”

Source: The New York Times

Pope Francis broke the serious mood by hinting at Trump’s large physical size. “What do you feed him on? Potica?” he asked Melania, referring to a calorie-heavy cake from her native Slovenia.

Source: Business Insider

In what many saw as a nod to Trump’s tough stances on immigration and climate change, Pope Francis gifted Trump a signed copy of his speech during the latest World Peace Day and his 2015 encyclical on climate change.

Thomson Reuters

Source: USA Today

“I signed it personally for you,” Pope Francis said as he handed Trump the copy of his speech. Trump gave the pope a first-edition set of Martin Luther King Jr.’s writings.

The big blue box in the front contains the Martin Luther King Jr. books.

Source: Pool report

Melania and Ivanka Trump wore traditional long black veils, in keeping with Vatican protocol. While in Saudi Arabia over the weekend, both women skipped the traditional headscarves and dressed in Western clothes.

Source: CNN

After the visit, Trump tweeted that he took the pope’s words to heart and was “more determined than ever to pursue PEACE in our world.”

Trump and Pope Francis concluded the visit by wishing each other good luck. On-scene reporters said the visit went quickly and smoothly.

Source: Pool report