Trump says there ‘may or may not’ be national security concerns regarding Google’s China dealings, 2 days after the White House said there was nothing to worry about

President Donald Trump has revived national security concerns about the relationship between Google and China, just two days after a White House Cabinet official said publicly that there was no evidence of anything in the company’s working relationship that was cause for concern.

Trump tweeted Friday that there “may or may not” be national security concerns regarding the tech company and the Chinese government. It’s not clear what caused Trump to revive the conversation, considering that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Wednesday said there was nothing to be concerned about after he and the president “did diligence” on the matter.

“If there is a problem, we will find out about it,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “I sincerely hope there is not!!!”

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Earlier this month, the tech billionaire Peter Thiel, a Trump supporter, accused Google of having “seemingly treasonous” connections to the Chinese military. He also suggested that the FBI and the CIA investigate Google “in a not excessively gentle manner” about its work with China.

Trump followed Thiel’s comments with a tweet saying his administration would “take a look” into Google’s dealings with China. Mnuchin then said in an interview Wednesday, however, that the White House was “not aware of any areas where Google is working with the Chinese government in any way that raises concern.”

Google has worked with China in the past to build a censored search engine, a controversial project called “Project Dragonfly.” But Google confirmed this month that it had “terminated” the project, which had not been launched, putting the lid on something the company had long refused to give a definitive answer about.

Google declined to comment to Business Insider about Trump’s tweet Friday.