An UberEats courier’s hilarious response to his customer is going viral

UberEats’ application on a tablet and its food delivery box are pictured during the launching event of food-delivery service UberEats in Tokyo
Thomson Reuters

An UberEats courier’s response to a customer is lighting up the Internet after it was posted on Twitter.

When couriers bring food to a customer’s house, they usually text or call the intended recipient to let them know they’ve arrived. They then respond “coming!” or “be right there!”

This recipient wanted to make sure the courier was at the front door, so he asked them.

“No I’m on top of the building, I just landed my helicopter” came the snarky reply.

This likely isn’t standard practice for UberEats couriers.

The Uber Support Twitter handle replied to the tweet, saying “That’s definitely not ok,” and asking the Twitter user to Direct Message the email address for a follow-up.