Watch US-led coalition forces level tactical ISIS positions

A pair of U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles fly over northern Iraq
Thomson Reuters

The US military has released a video showcasing coalition airstrikes obliterating an ISIS fighting position near Manbij, Syria.

According to US Central Command, the strikes near Manbij on July 13 destroyed four ISIS tactical units and 14 ISIS fighting positions. Additionally, two other ISIS positions were damaged in the strikes.

Altogether, the coalition carried out 12 strikes against ISIS in Syria using bombers, attack fighters, and remotely piloted aircraft on July 13. Simultaneously, an additional 15 strikes took place with the support of Iraqi forces in Iraq.

In addition to the fighting positions, the strikes destroyed ISIS oil wellheads, mortar systems, tactical units, vehicles, and assembly areas.

Here’s what the strike against fighting positions near Manbij, Syria looked like:



Watch the video below: