Here’s a look at Mike Pence’s visit to the Harvey disaster area

Vice President Mike Pence visited Texas to survey the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey on Thursday.

After touching down in Corpus Christi, Texas, Pence expressed support for victims and promised to help the state rebuild “stronger and better than before,” according to the Associated Press.

Texas endured five days of rain that flooded major cities, including Houston, with nearly 52 inches of water, a record for the continental US.

“The President sent Karen and I here today to survey the damage and ensure that the full resources of the federal government are being brought in support of the effort of state and local officials,” Pence said during a press briefing, “to rescue those that are in harms way, to help communities begin to recover, and to lay a foundation to rebuild Texas in the wake of this horrific storm.

Here’s a look at Pence’s trip to view damage from the Texas storm:

Pence and his wife Karen landed in Corpus Christi, Texas on Thursday to surveil the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey’s heavy floods.

Pence was greeted by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who recently mobilized all 12,000 members of the Texas National Guard to assist in relief efforts.


Pence visited the coastal town of Rockport, one of the towns first hit by Harvey’s devastating path of destruction, where he said that President Donald Trump’s administration was “with you and we will stay with you until Rockport and all of southeast Texas come back.”

Source: The Associated Press

Pence also visited Victoria, Texas, where organizations were providing supplies, such as cans of tuna, cookies, and cheese, to victims. Although the city lacks power, water is reported to be running.

Source: The Associated Press

“We are going to see our way through this crisis and the best days for Victoria and the best days for Texas are yet to come,” Pence said.

Source: The Associated Press

Pence and other state and local officials also helped clear out debris in Rockport.

The Pences also visited a church damaged by the storm and led a prayer. Pence mentioned that the US was inspired by the actions of Texans in the face of adversity.