Viral video of a Muslim woman being slapped for not wearing a hijab in Malaysia spurs outrage

A man slapped a woman for not wearing a hijab in Penang, Malaysia

An unidentified man has garnered serious flak online after a video of him slapping a Muslim woman for not wearing a hijab went viral last week.

Although observers have said that Malaysia seems to taking steps towards conservatism, this man seems to have taken things too far.

YouTube/Don !K

In the video, which has since gone viral, he is seen berating a group of women sitting at a bus stop in Penang, asking one of them about her faith and why she wasn’t wearing a hijab.

When the woman said that she was a Muslim, but that wearing the hijab was a personal choice and “our right”, the man appears to lose his temper- abruptly slapping her across her face with the back of his hand.

The woman stands up to confront her attacker at the end of the video.

It goes without saying that many were infuriated after viewing the video, and here’s some of what social media users had to say:

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