VMware confirms layoffs and CFO departs after earnings beat

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger addresses a news conference in Tokyo
Thomson Reuters

VMware just confirmed that it cut 800 jobs, and its CFO and COO Jonathan Chadwick is leaving the company.

The news came out in VMware’s Q4 2015 earnings report. The company earned $1.26 (adjusted) per share on $1.87 billion in revenue, slightly ahead of analysts’ expectations. The stock jumped as much as 4% after hours on the report, but is now trading flat.

The possibility of layoffs was first reported last week, and employees vented about the layoffs on a public message boad earlier this week.

VMware is a subsidiary of EMC, which Dell is in the process of trying to acquire for $67 billion. European regulators should rule whether to approve the takeover later this month.