VW chairman: ‘We disappointed the American people and our customers’


Volkswagen hosted a keynote event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Tuesday night.

Top of mind among many in both the automotive and technology industries is VW’s emissions scandal.

So, the company’s chairman of passenger cars, Dr Herbert Diess, opened the presentation with an apology.

“We disappointed the American people and our customers,” Diess said, referring to the emissions scandal that rocked the brand in the fall last year.

Diess noted that repairs of 8.5 million of the 11 million cars will begin soon, and said the company is working with the EPA to figure out how to fix the half-million vehicles affected in the US.

The EPA first sounded the alarm on Volkswagen last year when it discovered the company installed software in its diesel-engine vehicles that was designed to help the vehicles artificially pass emissions tests.

It was determined that Volkswagen cars equipped with the so-called defeat devices actually emitted 40 times the allowed amount of pollutants during real-world driving.

Business Insider’s transportation team reported extensively on Volkswagen’s emissions troubles – the consequences of which could put the company on the hook for tens of billions of dollars as a result of government fines and lawsuits.

The US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the company on Monday.