[WATCH] Russian model admits divorce from Sultan Muhammad V: ‘he left in December and never came back’

“I don’t know what exactly happened, because everything was okay,” Voevodina said.
Instagram/Rihana Oksana Petra

After months of maintaining that she and former Malaysian King Sultan Muhammad V Faris Petra were still a couple, Russian model Oksana Voevodina has finally admitted to the split, claiming she has no idea why the Sultan divorced her.

Voevodina, who styles herself Rihana Oksana Petra on social media, posted a video of her interview with British newspaper The Daily Mail to Instagram on Thursday (Oct 3), saying she wanted to clarify the couple’s marital situation.

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“(The Sultan) is hiding from me and our son,” she wrote in post’s caption. “He is the one who is making the scandal public. I would like to apologise for his behavior… hope he will think about his reputation and will stop all this fighting.”

Earlier last month, she promised her Instagram followers that she was finally “ready to reveal (her) story“.

In the interview, which took place on Sept 27, Voevodina said she had chosen to speak because people worldwide were asking what had happened to her marriage.

The former beauty queen said the couple had a “beautiful” and fairy tale-like wedding reception in Moscow for her friends and family in November.

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But by the following month, the Sultan “left (Russia) in December and never came back”, she said, adding that the couple had not spoken ever since.

“I had no opportunity to discuss and clarify the situation about our relationship, and I tried to contact him, his friends, and his relatives many times, but I couldn’t get them,” she said.

“I don’t know what exactly happened, because everything was okay,” Voevodina added. “We were expecting the baby, and till now, I still don’t understand what was the real reason (for the divorce).”

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According to Mail Online, sources close to the Sultan revealed he was unhappy that photos of the reception – which he believed a discrete, private gathering – were leaked online.

He was also shocked when – as a result of the leaked photos – Russian media dug up old footage of Voevodina apparently having sex in a pool during her time on a reality show.

The source claimed the Sultan would never have married the model if he knew of her indiscretion, and left her in Moscow while she was four months pregnant, Mail Online reported.

This could explain the lack of photos showing the family of three together on Voevodina’s Instagram page.

Previously, the Sultan’s lawyer said there were doubts over who had fathered the couple’s baby, Leon Ismail Petra.

But Voevodina said in her interview that the baby had “an Asian face” and looked like the Sultan, adding that she believed a DNA test unnecessary.

“I have nothing to prove to anybody because he is (the Sultan’s) son, born of legal marriage, and was a planned and desired baby,” she said. “I am the only person who can protect Leon from all these negative things (people are saying).”

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The economics graduate added that she was raising the child on her own with help from her family, and had taken on several international marketing jobs even while pregnant.

She said she was planning to start a YouTube channel based on the baby.

“I will tell people how I raise my son, and answer questions,” she said. “Leon… he’s at a very interesting age now where he’s started to turn over by himself, to smile, to laugh. I wish his father could see him now.”

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The model also begged the Sultan to consider the child’s future well-being.

“Faris, you are a father and you are a royal – please, think of what you do,” she wrote in the caption.

During the interview, she added: “Wake up… no matter what happened to our marriage, I want my son to have both parents. Think about your son… what will he think of you?”

Since posting the interview online, Voevodina has changed her Instagram profile picture, which used to be a photo of herself in a tiara taken during a photoshoot with the Sultan. The new photo has no tiara.

Cosy shots of the couple remain undeleted.

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