WATCH: The hilarious moment a man in Malaysia met his doppelgänger at a wedding

 Azly Yozof (front) was in stitches when he saw a man who looked exactly like him at his friend’s wedding in Selangor.
Amir Zulfadhli Zulkifly

Ever wondered what it would be like to meet someone who looks exactly like you?

Two men in Malaysia now know how that feels, after they ran into each other at a wedding and were taken aback by how much alike they looked despite being total strangers.

According to Daily Mail, Azly Yozof, 29, was attending the wedding of a childhood friend in Selangor when his friend noticed there was a guest there who resembled him.

A video taken by that friend, Amir Zulfadhli Zulkifly, shows the hilarious moment Azly reacted to seeing his doppelgänger, whose attire was also almost identical to his.

The Daily Mail quoted Amir as saying that this was the first time the lookalikes had seen each other, and that it was “just a coincidence” that both were wearing red shirts at the time.

“They look like twins but they’re not related in any way,” he reportedly said, adding that the two could meet up again soon to take a photo together.

Of course, the doppelgängers were not the only ones tickled by the situation. Other guests can also be seen bursting into laughter when they saw the uncanny resemblance.

Watch the video here:

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