Welcome to Inside Insider!

Hello! And welcome to the launch of the Business Insider engineering and product team blog, Inside Insider.

As many of you know, Business Insider has grown exponentially since we launched 10 years ago. Likewise, our group of in-house engineers has grown from a mere two teams to eight and counting.

Business Insider itself has expanded from a single website with a homegrown CMS to four sites, including our popular lifestyle publisher INSIDER, and 15 editions of Business Insider around the world. Our content reaches hundreds of millions of readers and viewers across platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Yahoo.

This purpose of the new Inside Insider blog is to share how we go about tackling the myriad of problems we face as a complex, matrixed organization – specifically, a digital publisher – that continues to grow in complexity.

Beyond revealing more about how we work, we hope our new blog can serve as a platform to spark engagement among the community of tech engineers, in any field. Our hope is that we can help inspire others with similar challenges, and start conversations about the amazing things that are happening – at breakneck speed – at the intersection technology and media, where we work.

Lastly, our mission is simple: to embrace the process of “getting better” every single day. And we hope this blog helps us in reaching that goal.

Our inaugural post is a behind-the-scenes of our most recent hackathon, an event that was fun but also yielded tangible results for the company.

Happy reading!