Were you born in the year of the pig? So were these 8 Chinese billionaires, including second richest man Pony Ma

Pony Ma, born in the year of the pig, is the second wealthiest man in China worth a staggering US$37 billion.

This week marks the start of the Year of the Pig – the final Chinese zodiac animal in a 12-year cycle.

According to Kay Tom, a UK-based master in feng shui and horoscopes, those born in the Year of the Pig – 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 and 2007 – are honest leaders, often employers, who are focused on achieving goals and are not afraid of responsibility. Many are entrepreneurs and success is a common trait.

“The pig is the 12th animal, so he represents the leader from the back,” said Tom.

“He has entrepreneurial skills, known for digging deep and using that strong nose to find out the facts. He makes very informed decisions.”

With that in mind, who among China’s 100 wealthiest people, according to Forbes’ 2018 rich list, will be celebrating their zodiac this year?

  • *all ages and net worth figures as of January 24, according to Forbes # rank

1. Pony Ma Huateng (#2)

Born in 1971, Pony Ma Huateng is the chairman and CEO of Tencent Holdings, the internet and gaming giant he co-founded in 1998, which now boasts over 1 billion users. Ma is the second wealthiest man in China worth a staggering US$37 billion.

2. William Ding Lei (#10)

William Ding Lei is the founder and CEO of NetEase, one of the world’s largest online and mobile games businesses. He was the country’s richest man in 2003, and the first billionaire from internet and gaming. Born in 1971, he now places tenth with a net worth of US$15 billion.

3. Zhang Zhidong (#14)

Retired in 2014, Zhang Zhidong joins his fellow founder of Tencent, Pony Ma, in the rankings. He was chief technology officer at the gaming giant and lives in Shenzhen. Born in 1971, Zhang is worth US$12.7 billion.

4. Zhang Yiming (#25)

Born in 1983, Zhang Yiming has a net worth of US$6.8 billion. He is chairman of seven-year-old ByteDance, one of the largest content platforms in China, which remains privately held.

5. Zhang Shiping & family (#40)

Chairman of one of the world’s largest makers of aluminium products, Hong Kong-listed Hongqiao Group, Zhang Shiping has a net worth of US$4.5 billion. Born in 1947, he also controls Weiqiao Textile, a Hong Kong-listed cotton company run by his daughter, Zhang Hongxia.

6. Zhang Jin (#46)

A former government worker, Zhang Jin first broke the bank with stock investments before founding Cedar Holdings, a property, finance and car sales firm headquartered in Guangdong. Born in 1971, he is now chairman of the board of directors and worth US$4.6 billion.

7. Chu Mang-yee & family (#80)

Chu Mang-yee is worth US$3.4 billion, and is the only Chinese billionaire born in 1959. The former government official now chairs Hong Kong-listed developer Hopson Development, while his daughter, Chu Kut Yung, is vice-chairman.

8. Zhang Xuexin & family (#94)

Zhang Xuexin is the third billionaire born in the Year of the Pig who deals with aluminium. The chairman of Shandong-headquartered Xinfa Group, born in 1947, is worth US$2.7 billion.



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