A woman was rescued from her husband’s abuse and captivity after slipping a note to a Domino’s employee, say police

Sunday Alamba
  • The El Paso Times reported that a woman was rescued by Anthony, Texas police officers after she slipped a note to a Domino’s Pizza employee that said she was being held captive by her husband.
  • Police officers found the 32-year-old woman bound, gagged, and beaten in a room inside the New Mexico home she shared with her 22-year-old husband, who was arrested on domestic violence charges.
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A Domino’s Pizza employee in Anthony, Texas called the police after a customer slipped him a note across the counter Monday a little before midnight that indicated she was being held captive by her husband.

The El Paso Times reported that Anthony police said the 22-year-old New Mexico man allowed his wife to go into the pizza chain alone to pick up their order when she was able to pass the information on to the employee who was serving her.

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Police crossed states lines to the couple’s home eight miles away in Chamberino, where the woman was found bound, gagged, and beaten inside a room. Police told the El Paso Times that the 32-year-old woman was crying and thankful she was rescued upon her discovery at around 1 AM on Tuesday.

Her husband, Roberto Dominguez, was arrested on charges of domestic violence and kidnapping. It is unknown how long his wife, whose name has not been released to the public, was held in captivity before she was able to signal for help Monday night.