Women in Malaysia earned a total of RM159 million just from Airbnb hosting last year


Holiday home rentals and tourist hosting are increasingly common methods for people to earn some extra pocket money. And according to Airbnb’s statistics, more and more women are turning to the tourism and hospitality industry for a slice of the pie.

Female Airbnb hosts – for both home rentals and experiences – in Malaysia earned a total of RM159 million (US$39 million) last year. This is a huge increase of 50 per cent from 2017, Bernama reported, citing Airbnb head of public policy for South-East Asia Mich Goh.

Airbnb Experiences are activities designed and led by locals.

In total, Malaysia’s female Airbnb hosts welcomed over 912,000 guests last year, Goh was quoted as saying.

Globally, women hosts earned nearly US$10 billion (RM41 billion) in the past year, with those in the US earning the largest collective amount of US$3 billion, Airbnb said in a report on March 5.

According to Goh, Malaysia’s women hosts typically earned an annual income of RM5,793.94 from Airbnb rentals.

Airbnb also said in its statement that Japan’s female hosts earned the highest average annual income of US$10,000.

According to the Bernama report, female Airbnb hosts made up half of all hosts in Malaysia.

Bernama also reported that when it came to home rentals, Johor Bahru had the highest proportion of female Airbnb hosts at 50.96 per cent. Malacca had the second highest ratio of female at 49.72 per cent, while Penang followed with 49.61 per cent. Women made up 48.07 per cent of all Airbnb home hosts in Kuala Lumpur, while those in Terengganu made up 44.31 per cent of the total number.

Airbnb also said that there were more female hosts than male hosts globally. New Zealand had the highest proportion of women hosts, at 70 per cent. In South Africa, the proportion was 63 per cent and in the Philippines, 61 per cent.

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