You can now add official Jewel GIFs to your Instagram Stories – but there aren’t any of its giant waterfall

Screenshot of a Jewel Changi Airport GIF on a photo of the Rain Vortex taken by Business Insider’s Rachel Chia.
Business Insider Singapore

In case you haven’t heard (though we can’t imagine how that’s possible), Singapore has a new playground.

Ever since the doors to Jewel Changi Airport opened on April 17, legions of curious people have flocked from far and wide to witness its majestic 40m-high waterfall, enchanting indoor forest and now, also its thrilling play park.

And because it never happened unless it was on Instagram, Jewel Changi Airport Devt. is making the S$1.7 billion complex even more Insta-worthy with custom-made GIFs added to Giphy – the animated sticker platform used on Instagram Stories.

Launched on Tuesday (June 18), the collection of eight GIFs are centred around the themes of seeing and playing at Jewel.

To access them, one simply has to search for #SeeJewel and #PlayatJewel on Instagram, Giphy, or any other platform that uses the Giphy library.

According to Jewel, a second batch of stickers centred around shopping and dining (#ShopatJewel and #DineatJewel) are scheduled for release in the third quarter of this year.

But if you were hoping to have an official GIF of Jewel’s most famous attraction – the tallest indoor waterfall in the world – you might be disappointed.

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The GIFs made by Jewel feature a Pacific swallow and ladybug – characters introduced in Jewel’s March teaser video – doing all sorts of Jewel-centric activities except visiting the HSBC Rain Vortex and Shiseido Rain Forest.

This means you can find GIFs of the blue bird playing on a slide, bouncing on a Sky Net, taking a selfie and even acting surprised – but there are no GIFs featuring the complex’s most famed attraction.

While it seems strange for Jewel to leave out its two biggest stars, Joyce Tan, head of corporate & marketing communications at Jewel Changi Airport Devt, told Business Insider that the GIFs were released in conjunction with the launch of the Canopy Park attractions.

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“We wish to take this opportunity to showcase different activities at Jewel, including the variety of retail and dining options,” she said.

The bird and ladybug characters “convey the sense of fun and wonder that Jewel creates for all who come through our doors”, she added.

Not to worry though, if you really want a GIF of the Rain Vortex pouring water, you can just create your own by uploading a video on the GIPHY website.

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Here’s all the GIFs Jewel has released so far:


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