You can soon use Razer Pay at any shop and eatery worldwide – as long as they accept Visa

That’s 54 million merchants in all.
Facebook/Razer Pay

Razer Pay users, good news – you can soon pay anywhere in the world that Visa is accepted.

This is thanks to a new partnership with Visa that will see an “exclusive Razer-branded” mini-app embedded into Razer Pay, the gaming company said in a statement on Monday (June 24).

This will give Razer Pay users access to Visa’s global payments network, which spans 54 million merchants worldwide.

This is Razer’s fourth high profile partnership, following collaborations with Nets, UOB, and Singtel.

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The Visa mini-app will employ the same top-up and cashout methods as other functions on Razer Pay, such as ride-hailing, movie ticketing, and utility payments.

Razer said that users will get rewards when they use the mini-app to pay for online shopping or overseas spending, but did not specify what these rewards were.

In addition, the mini-app will also offer financial tools and games to teach users about financial planning.

These new functions will be released in selected Southeast Asian countries in the coming months, before launching globally, the company said.

CEO Min-Liang Tan said the mini-app aims to help Southeast Asia’s unbanked population of over 438 million people access digital payments – particularly millennials in emerging markets.

He added that the Visa partnership had “significantly” cemented the company’s fintech arm as the largest offline-to-online digital payment network in Southeast Asia.

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