YouTube Music is finally in Singapore – and the Premium version costs S$10 a month

Fans who trawl YouTube just for music can now skip all that and get to the good stuff.

Over a year after launching in the US to rival Apple Music and Spotify, YouTube’s music subscription service is finally available in Singapore.

Fans who trawl the site’s videos just for music can now skip all that and get to the good stuff directly in the streamlined app, which offers all the official songs, MVs, remixes, and covers found on YouTube, as well as albums, playlists, and artist radio.

YouTube Music will show users trending music videos.

Singapore fans can access the app for free from Wednesday (Nov 6), or pay for an ad-free Premium version (S$10 on the Google Play Store, S$12 on the iOS App Store). The premium version lets them download the songs offline and continue playing songs in the background while other apps are running, or when their phone screen is locked.

Like Netflix, there’s also a family plan that covers up to five people in the same address.

The new app offers preset playlists and artist albums.

For all users, the app will make music recommendations, show trending music videos, and offer preset playlists. It also has a smart search function that helps users find songs using general search terms (eg. “rap song with flute”) or lyrics (even if they are wrongly spelled), YouTube claims.

An ad-free version of YouTube itself, called YouTube Premium, will also be available here from Nov 6. The membership fee covers both YouTube Music Premium and ad-free YouTube use.

Here’s the price list for the two new apps:


Price (Google Play Store)

Price (iOS App Store)

YouTube Music Premium



YouTube Music Premium Family Plan



YouTube Premium



YouTube Premium Family Plan




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