This $100 bed frame is one of the best purchases I’ve made for my apartment — and it only took 15 minutes to assemble


  • I bought the highly-rated Zinus Modern Studio 14-Inch Platform Bed Frame when I moved into my apartment over a year ago. I didn’t know it at the time, but it would become one of my best new apartment purchases.
  • This steel frame is not only strong and incredibly easy to assemble, but it’s also affordable.
  • Available in four heights and five mattress sizes, it has a clean, modern look and creates instant storage space for bins and suitcases.
  • If you’re on a budget as you furnish your room but don’t want to compromise on quality, this is the bed frame you should buy.

The post-graduation transition can be a whirlwind, and if you’re relocating to start a job or continue your education, an expensive whirlwind at that.

Two weeks after my college graduation, I moved cross-country to New York into a shiny, empty apartment. Hoping to settle in as quickly as possible and regain some semblance of stability, I began filling my room with affordable, easy-to-assemble living essentials.

One of these pieces was a simple steel bed frame from Zinus. More than a year later, I can safely say it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made for my bedroom.

As a generally patient and cool-headed person, I admit the Achilles heel that consistently challenges this characterization is furniture assembly. Even so, I managed to have this bed frame up and running in 15 minutes – no sweat or frustrated outbursts necessary. The assembly involves a simple system in which you match up the corresponding steel parts, then lay two sets of wooden slats on top of the frame. The slats stick securely to the frame with Velcro, and two of the slats have a non-slip tape to prevent your mattress from slipping.

zinus bed frame wood slats


The frame comes in six, 10, 14, and 18-inch styles. I bought the 14-inch model for a moderate level of elevation that I could climb onto comfortably. Despite its slim construction, the steel frame is strong. In all the months I’ve slept on it, it has always felt sturdy and supportive, and it doesn’t squeak. If it does start squeaking, the likely culprit is a loose bolt, which is a quick fix.

My room is small (it can fit a full-sized bed at most), so the frame also created some much-needed storage space. If you want to fit suitcases and large storage bins under the frame, I would recommend the 14- or 18-inch model. You’ll have a large amount of empty space to work with thanks to the frame’s minimal style.

zinus bed frame under bed storage


For all of its strengths, the frame is surprisingly inexpensive. The 14-inch Zinus frame starts at $96 for the Narrow Twin size, and the King size is $135.

When I started my apartment shopping list, I wanted to keep my purchases budget-friendly, but I also didn’t want to sacrifice price for quality and spend even more money in the long-run replacing shoddy products. Though I’m certainly not opposed to splurging (particularly for tech or skin care products), this affordable bed frame proves you don’t always have to spend a lot on big projects like furnishing your apartment.

Shop the Zinus Modern Studio 14-Inch Platform Bed Frame (Narrow Twin) at Amazon for $96.47 (prices vary by bed size and frame height)