Zouk will open Singapore’s first-ever Five Guys outlet at Plaza Singapura this year

Tycho Müller, Tycho’s Eye Photo via Five Guys

American burger restaurant Five Guys will open its doors in Singapore at Plaza Singapura this year, Zouk has announced.

The lifestyle group said on Tuesday (July 9) morning that the restaurant is slated for launch in the fourth quarter (or from October to December) of the year.

According to Zouk, the restaurant will be “taking over a prime position on the ground level of the mall near the main atrium”. It will have both indoor and outdoor seating options.

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Zouk had said last month that it was bringing the restaurant to Singapore as part of the burger chain’s expansion in Asia. At the same time, Zouk is also looking to diversify its F&B offerings.

Founded in 1986, the restaurant from Arlington, Virginia is famous for its “fresh-to-order” and customisable burgers. As of July, there are over 1,600 Five Guys restaurants worldwide, with the largest presence in the United States and United Kingdom.

Here are 5 things to know about Five Guys:

1) From family business to 1,600 restaurants worldwide

Five Guys

The restaurant was started in 1986, in Arlington, Virginia by the Murrell family. Not long after, Five Guys became known for its option to stuff customisable toppings in freshly-made burgers.

While franchising began in 2003, till today, the company is owned and led by the Murrells.

It currently has over 1,600 restaurants worldwide across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, with the largest presence in the United States and United Kingdom. According to Five Guys, another 1,500 units are in development worldwide.

2) No freezers in all restaurants

Five Guys

Five Guys claims that there are no freezers, microwaves or timers in its restaurants. Instead, it uses coolers to chill ingredients.

As such, it uses fresh ground beef to make its burgers. Additionally, all its fries are hand-cut and cooked in 100 per cent pure peanut oil.

3) Milkshakes were the first additions after 28 years

Tycho Müller, Tycho’s Eye Photo via Five Guys

After 28 years of selling its famous burgers, Five Guys added its popular milkshakes in test markets in 2014.

Today, the hand-spun milkshakes remain a favourite among fans. There is even bacon as a mix-in option!

However, it seems not all locations serve milkshakes, so we will have to wait and see if Singapore is lucky enough to get these.

4) Recognised employee practices

Apart from being one of the most popular cult burger chains in the US’ East Coast, the brand was also named UK’s most popular food chain by Market Force in 2018.

But that’s not all.

Last year, Five Guys was also certified as one of the best workplaces to work in the US by the Great Place to Work organisation, and was also listed among Forbes’ Top 500 Best Employers.

5) Here’s what a typical Five Guys menu looks like

The menu could vary by location, but it maintains its fuss-free red and white look in all Five Guys restaurants.
Five Guys

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